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A Whale Of A Time.

Thanks to Ocean Blue Adventures we recently had the opportunity to do some whale-watching, launching from the beach at Plettenberg Bay and quickly moving through the breakers into open water.

There were about 30 people on board from various countries, including Japan, China, the Netherlands and Germany. Most of these passengers had never been on a deep sea trip, and were not aware of the effects of motion sickness. This was a problem for them, unfortunately spoiling the enjoyment of the trip for some of them.

With the two spotters on board and excellent communication with other vessels in the area, it did not take long before the first whale was spotted and we had the opportunity to see a bridal whale up close.

According to the guides, the bridal whale is found in our coastal waters throughout the year. However, the bridal whale is a very shy species, so it did not take long before it disappeared underwater, leaving us in total amazement, considering the sheer size of the mammal.

It was time to find more whales. In the distance we could see some spray between the swells and the skipper took us in the direction of what proved to be a southern right whale. It was absolutely amazing to see the size of the whale.

The best was kept for last. A Southern Right came to within 15 meters of our vessel giving us a swimming and tail flapping display that will be forever remembered, waving goodbye with the dorsal fin before diving into the depths of the ocean.

It was time to head back. The trip ended with adrenalin rushing experience as the skipper safely brought us ashore, bringing the vessel on to dry land, ready for the next trip.
Wild Info extends a big thank you to the Ocean Blue Safaris team for a wonderful opportunity to witness these mammals in their natural environment.

Tips before taking the trip:

• Phone before you arrive for your booking to enquire about visibility, weather and ocean conditions - If there is a storm out at sea, the trip might be cancelled.

• If you suffer from motion sickness, or sea sickness, it is advisable to take tablets before the trip as a precaution.

• Make sure that your camera battery is fully charged and there is enough space on the memory card for plenty of pictures.

• Take a warm jacket, preferably a waterproof one along for the trip.

• Arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the trip.

• On arrival guests are required to fill in the register, after which coffee can be enjoyed and guests can browse through the curio shop.

• Before boarding the vessel, guests are issued with safety jackets and gather for a short safety talk. Free mineral water and snacks are offered to guests.


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