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Destination Jakkalsvlei

It was time for another roadtrip, so the vehicle “DETOUR WP” was filled with fuel, tyres were checked, and off we went.

After some shopping in Herbertsdale, we decided it was the perfect day to do some wine tasting and took the road to Jakkalsvlei.

Six wine barrels stacked alongside the road marks the entrance to the Cellar. After stretching our legs for a while it was time for some serious wine tasting.

Our hostess, Samantha Jeken, made us feel at home the moment we walked in. This lady knows her story when it comes to the wine industry and she was able to expand my knowledge on wine quite extensively.

With a cheese platter that can feed a nation we were taken through the processes and flavours of the Jakkalsvlei wines. Then the surprise: Jantjie joined us. Jantjie Jonker is not only the owner, but also the winemaker at the estate.

He entertained us with stories of his travels and studies (mostly done in America), and went through the list of achievements of his wines over the last couple of years, and his exiting expansions planned for later this year. A truly amazing and humble person with a passion for what he is doing.

After exchanging contact details and buying some of the wines on offer it was time to head back.

As it was still quite early, we decided to have a quick stop at Dwarsrivier Country Gateway, which was our destination on our previous roadtrip and is only about 14km from Jakkalsvlei. Catch up on the details of our previous roadtrip on our website:HERE

Jakkalsvlei is open for tastings Mondays to Saturdays, and a trip worthwhile taking. You can find the Jakkalsvlei wines on our doorstep right here in Wilderness at any of the following establishments:
Flava Café, Serendipity Restaurant, The Girls Restaurant, Sedgefield Spar, Oak Barrel Wine Boutique and Zucchini Restaurant @ Timberlake and Wilderness Mini Market
The wines that Jantjie currently produce are:
Cabernet Sauvignon (Reserve), Pinotage (Coffee Edition), Mount Cuvée (Pinotage/Merlot), River Cuvée (Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc) Sauvignon Blanc, La Perlé Rosé, Hanepoot Dessert Wine and muscadel Dessert Wine.
Decide for yourself which one is your favourite, but I particularly enjoyed the Cabernet Sauvignon.

For more info on Jakkalsvlei, please contact Wild Info or go to www.jakkalsvlei.co.za


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