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Distinctly different - sums it up at The Girls...
A warm and trendy African vibe sets the scene for an evening that promises to leave its mark on your African journey. The unusual flavours are created by owner/chefs Roxanne & Cheri in the open kitchen - while they are preparing your meal take your drink upstairs and browse in the curio shop or perhaps catch up on some emails!!!

In March 2001 we, Roxanne Blum and Cheri Sheridan, opened The Riverside Kitchen on the Touw River in Wilderness, which quickly became a favourite with locals and visitors alike. At the time a chef was part of the team but on a day, more specifically 11 September!!, he decided to follow a different path further up the coast.

Facing our first season in our new venture, we were forced to take over the reins in the kitchen with less than no knowledge of how to operate the equipment, let alone cook!!!!!! But we knew what flavours were about and how to put them together!! (Not to mention that you eat with you eyes too!!!)

And so...”the girls” had to do what “the girls” had to do! THE REST IS HISTORY or maybe “HER…STORY”

Not long and it became more popular to say let`s go and eat at the Girls and so... “THE GIRLS” was the obvious choice in this, our newest venture. After selling The Riverside Kitchen in 2005 we took some time off and then opened as The Girls Restaurant in March 2007, with the vision of creating a “distinctly different” eating and shopping experience.Our upper floor is a beautiful curio and gift shop as well as 3 internet stations. So… while you are waiting for us to prepare your food feel free to grab your drink and browse around upstairs.


Neither has had any formal training, in fact no training at all!!! We just love what we do, we love the idea of being able to create and judging by the responses we get we`re doing something right!


Website: http://www.thegirls.co.za/